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Tips for Kate Bush Concert Goers

Tips for fans going to #katebush in concert #beforethedawn.
Opening night was spectacular and unlike anyone had ever seen or experienced. We just wanted to share some tips, no spoiler am for future concert-goers.
(1) bring a had casing of some kind for your ticket: ik you want to keep your ticket in mint condition.
(2) if you want merchandise - be early in line to enter the venue: is was constant rush hour at the merchandise stands (ground level & upper floor). Posters kome in two kinds (the artwork used for the tickets at 50£ and the Woman Lost At Sea at about 15£. T-shirts are a hot item as well going at 25£, and then there is the ultimate collectors item of the Rescue Kit for 45£. There is even more to get, too much to list here). Bring a bag for the merchandise, they don’t have big enough ones there. And the tour book is about A4 format if not slightly bigger.
(3) It can be cold and rainy outside , it is warm inside. If you can try and dress for both eventualities.
(4) Be There. The no-camera request is the best thing ever. Kate really makes a connection with the audience.
(5) Don’t open or read the Tour Book if you don’t want spoilers ;-) … It is filled with images from the show you are about to see
(6) Enjoy. Fully.

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